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Hope Center Inc. established in 1983 in Dayton, Ohio was founded to address contemporary problems and to meet the current needs of low-to-no income households. The Hope Center is not a social service agency; it is a ministry that provides social services. 

 In times past, Hope Center Inc.  provided  food, clothing and emergency housing for thousands of people for over 25 years of community service. Hope Center invovled the the church community, healthcare community at the clinical level, educational community, business community and the entire referral and resource based system in Montgomery County.agencies at large is pleased to announce the following accomplishments:Served over 800,000 meals in 25 years, Provided and distributed fresh groceries to 40,000 clients, Supplied shelter for over 36,000 clients for 10 years, Provided emergency shelter for hundreds of people. We are establishing Hope CORDs (Centers for Opportunity Resource and Distribution) throughout the country. 

                                     Hope Center Services:

- 24 Hour Live Operations Services

- Pastoral Care/(Chaplaincy) Services

- Hope Live Worship Services

- Financial Services (Job creation)

- Food and Grocery Services

- Affordable Housing

- Affordable Transportation

- Access to Health Care (medical, dental, nutrition)

- Professional Legal Services

- 24 Hour Prayer/Professional Counseling Services

- Affordable Childcare/Early Education


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