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Board of Assistants

Rev. Dale Wilson

Ministerial Chief of Staff Houston, TX

Shelly Jenkins

Executive Asst.

Columbus, OH

Jan Harris

Lead Administrative Asst. Dayton, OH

Linda Parsley

 Administrative Asst. Columbus, OH

Board of Trustees

Board of Governors

Board of Counsels

Board of Directors

Brian Kinne

Orlando, FL

Angela Lowe

Dayton, OH

Dr. Perry Henderson

Honorary Elder/ Dayton,OH

Howard M. Lee
Dayton, OH

Granville Waiters

Columbus, OH

Robert Smith

Los Angeles, CA

Sheila R. Lee

Dayton, OH

Dr. MaLynda Bruce

Des Moines, IA

Dwight Brown

Dayton, OH

Carolyn Wilson

Houston, TX

Clark A. Simmons

Dayton, OH

Dr. Gerry Kibarbarra

Honorary Elder/ Kenya, S. Africa

Bishop Dwight Brown

Presiding Bishop/ Dayton, OH

Patricia Bray-Brooks

Springfield, OH

Phillip Parker

St. Louis, MO

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