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HML Network is the initial network of Global Christian Network. Global Christian Network Ministerial Association, also known as GCNMA is a wonderful faith group of ministers, represented by an ecclesiastical endorsing agent recognized by the Pentagon at the federal level.

GCN provides accountability, ordination and endorsement for men and women called to a life of ministry, that desire to be biblically compiant but not denominationally controlled.

We are innovators, servant leaders, spirit led men and women of God advancing the Kingdom worldwide.

We are divinely sure that together we will be able to impact generations with the Gospel of the Kingdom until Jesus' return. It is our earnest desire to provide needed support and valuable resources, in order that we might help you carry out your God given assignment to the fullest extent until the day when Jesus says, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

With wonderful educational, ministry, and business opportunities, this network is a response to the call of our Heavenly Father.

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