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Our Mission: HML Network creates strategic financial solutions that generate the kind of capital which meets our client’s financial goals.

Our Purpose: To design a capital campaign specifically tailored for your ministry or organization that is compatible, consistent and complimentary to the leadership style, history and desires of our client.

Our Vision: To establish relationships with major financial institutions and other interested Faith-based organizations to create excellent services, economic training and financial opportunities that will empower Believers to be financially free and independent of the circumstances of a struggling world economic system.

Our Objective: To provide financial literacy, education and training classes to teach the basics of finance and biblical stewardship, from balancing a checkbook, writing ministry and business plans, marketing, budgeting, strategic planning and development for short, medium and long range goals.

Our Motto:  Generating capital, meeting our client’s needs.

Our Philosophy: The Church should be the center of  financial activity for the Body of Christ according to the book of Acts 2:44-47

Our Goal:  Our goal is to assist ministries in becoming the financial center for educating and empowering its members in the area of personal finance and biblical stewardship.




787 E. Broad Street.

Columbus, OH 43205

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