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Welcome to HML Schools

Welcome to the education and training programs of the HML Network. This is an organized system for life-long learning to equip men and women called to a life of ministry.

HML Network is committed to personal, professional and practical ministry development and enhancement to ensure that God’s people are properly prepared for effective and progressive ministry in the 21st century. The old Roman- Greco, classical, traditional, theatre, message model of church ministry and education is no longer an effective way to minister the Word of God in the 21st Century. If we are to make disciples in the Body of Christ, to be effective witnesses advancing the Kingdom of Heaven, and have the kind of impact, leadership, power and influence in the world that we should have in this present digital, information and social media age that we live in; we must return to the original acts of the Apostles' mandate, message and method of soul-winning and discipleship.

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