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Council of Elders: HMLN Elders are recognized as Spiritual Fathers and serve in the capacity of Elders. Elders are responsible for the judicial council are at least 60 years of age and have at least 25 Years of full time ministry experience.


Presiding Bishop: is responsible for overseeing the council responsible for the ordaining of GCNMA Clergy. The Presiding Bishop sets up the Ordination Councils for Clergy that is ready for their ordination examination for ordination into the GCN body and the GCNMA.  

Members of this council must have exhibited spiritual, physical, and financial accountability to God and his kingdom, their families and to this network over a process of time. The Presiding Bishop makes the appointments for this council.

Chief of Chaplains: is the general overseer of the Global Chaplaincy Network of Chaplains (Pastoral Care Givers). The Chief of Chaplains responsible for making sure that our clergy are providing pastoral care services that are consistent with GCNCMA standards and code of ethics. The Chief of Chaplains is appointed by the ;HML Network Chairman and confirmed by the GCNMA Board of Councils.  

Global Pastor: is responsible for providing and overseeing support services for GCNMA Clergy.

  • Personal Counseling

  • Interim Preaching and Teaching

  • Pastoral evaluations and recommendations that can aid and assist pastors with being as effective and productive as possible in their functions as pastoral servant leaders.

  • Ensures that GCNMA Clergy obtain the continuing education hours needed each year to maintain their ordination status with the GCN:

Global Prayer Ambassador: is responsible for overseeing the Global Christian Prayer Network. The Global Prayer Ambassador coordinates prayer teams, prayer calls, prayer ministries, prayer groups, and the annual GCN prayer conference . The Global Prayer Ambassador is appointed by the HML Network Chairman and confirmed by the Board of Councils.

Global Worship Leader: is the musical director for the GCN. The GWL, is responsible for the entire musical direction, selections for the GCN annual conference. The GWL, also directs the Worship  portion of the worship services at the conference as well as oversees the conference choir and worship team.

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