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  • At  HML Communications we believe that the Church community at  large should have a 24 hour presence, a readiness policy for prayer and emergency assistance in tough situations.

  • Every major entity in our society has 24/7 policy and presence; hospitals, police stations, and fire departments. The Church community should be the leader in showing care, concern, and compassion for God’s people.

  • HMLC will help to revolutionize the Church community in the 21st Century by making sure that your Church or ministry has accessibility not only to those who are in need of Christ, but your congregational supporters and to the entire community at large, this kind of ministry business will help bring the integrity to the Church community it once enjoyed.

  • HMLC will perform and provide 24/7 Live Operations Services for your Christian Ministry, Business, or School.

  • HMLC will perform and provide Follow-Up Care/Report Services for your Church, Business or Educational Institution.

  • HMLC will provide appropriate training for your Church, Ministry, Business, or Educational Institution who wish to develop and operate these types of services without outsourcing; this includes prescreening and properly training personnel who you wish to staff your communications center site.

  • HMLC consultants will provide inspections and troubleshooting for your communications sites when needed to assure proper standards are being maintained and compliance issues are not a problem.

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