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Hope Care Provider Network

The Hope Center Network is a network of:

- Qualified Professionals from across America who provide specific benevolent care services for Hope Center clients.


- Partners from around the world who provide financial resources and prayer support for the needs of the Hope Center ministry.

- Hosts: Individuals and organizations that host Hope For The Nations Campaign events.

- Sponsors: Individuals and organizations that sponsor Hope For The Nations events.

Each of these groups of individuals and organizations are considered members of this wonderful network, and they perform or provide the services people need, as we all work together to fulfill the Great Commission. This network of Christian Professionals don’t separate their professional vocations from their commitment to evangelism, soul winning and discipleship.

One of the many benefits of being a Hope Care Provider is that provider members have access to an information and referral system of professionals like; doctors, teachers, engineers, architects, dentist, nurses, lawyers, accountants, janitors, therapist, coaches, athletes, entertainers, public servants, IT technicians, constructions workers, ministers, etc. It is like several smaller networks all rolled up into one massive network of people working together for the good of the Church and the Kingdom.

Members can call the member care line and speak directly to a care representative, who will assist  in determining that exact service care needed. Best of all, there will be no charge for the consultation call which can be an invaluable tool that saves time, heartache and money. Our motto for the network is "perform or provide." All of our Hope Care Providers (HCP) are prepared to perform needed services or we can provide someone who can.

Listing of Hope Care Professional Services




*Financial Advisers


*Health & Fitness Trainers

*Educational Tudors



*Transportation Specialist

*Special Events Planners

*Christian Clinical Counselors



*IT Specialist


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