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Special Events play a significant role in the Hope for the Nations Campaign, and proves to be a major source of funding for Hope Center Network efforts. We estimate that more than 30% of campaign revenue will come directly from our special events.

Hosting or sponsoring one or more of the  HFTNC ministry events is an excellent way to support the Campaign and at the same time benefitting your church, family ministry or your ministry organization. 

An official HML Network Representatives in your city, state or region may be available to conduct a short presentation and answer any questions that your guest may have about the campaign.

Before, during and after a Hope For The Nations Campaign Event, there will be an attendance and information card for every individual to fill out. Also included is a Needs Assessment Form for anyone who is interested and in need of the services that Hope Center Ministries provides. Once the information is processed, the individual named on the assessment form will receive a call from one of our Hope Care Representatives within 24 to 48 hours for:

  1. An evaluation to identify the specific need for support, and the exact type of service(s) needed.

  2. Once the evaluation has been completed, a recommended course of action will be determined in order to ensure the needed  service(s) are deliverable as soon as possible.

  3. There will be a Hope Care Provider assigned to ensure that clients understand how services will be provided and/or delivered.

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