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Letter from Chairman

The HML Network/Hope Center Inc. has been able to help thousands of people in the past, because of ordinary people like you and me. Our nation is currently facing an economic crisis, unlike any before in its history. Millions of people who have worked their entire lives, supported ministries and other charitable causes now find themselves unemployed, experiencing foreclosures, and even homelessness.


We can no longer afford to sit back, watch and remain silent while waiting on government to fix what is spiritually broken. At this point, government cannot handle nor is it equipped to do what only the Church can do, and is commissioned to do by our Lord himself. This is our call to action; this is our challenging opportunity to be the agent for moral change and economic recovery.


That is why we are launching The Hope for the Nations Campaign; to create income and job opportunities, as well as provide resources to meet the contemporary needs of households comprehensively.


The HML Network/Hope for the Nations Campaign is a voice for the helpless and the hurting. Helpless should never mean hopeless. Please pray about adding your voice to this movement by making a contribution to this campaign that is sharing and showing the love of Jesus in action.

  • Churches can help by:  Hosting a special event at your Church such as: Hope Live Worship Service, Economic Summit, Focus Group, Prayer Breakfast or Luncheon Meeting, , Benefit Concert, Meet and Greet Opportunity.

  • Christian Professionals can help by: Joining The Hope Center Network of qualified Professional Care Givers that provide benevolent care services to Hope Center clients. Hope Care Providers (HCP), please donate 3 to 4 hours per week of service.

  • Christian Businesses can help by: Sponsoring special events like Concerts, HML Christian Leadership Awards/Honors, Meet and Greet Opportunities.

  • Athletes can help: Will you consider starting an endowment fund to create income and job opportunities for people? It could be a fund started in your name on the behalf of the HFTN Campaign.

  • Entertainers can help: Will you help us help others by setting up an endowment for creating income opportunities started in your name, on behalf of the HFTN Campaign?

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