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Moral Leadership in Justice

Balancing the Scales of Justice in the Legal, Criminal and Law Enforcement Systems

The Moral Justice and Leadership Initiative is a strategic planning effort that not only deals with how we can possibly change and drastically reduce the number of juvenile incarcerations, but more importantly how we can get the faith-based community involved in the legal justice, criminal and law enforcement systems to assist and provide support services.



To develop a viable Moral Justice System in this nation that is recognized by the Legal, Criminal and Law Enforcement Systems.

To develop and establish an organization (namely, Global Chaplaincy Network) that provides qualified ecclesiastically endorsed clergy that will run and operate a moral justice system legally and constitutionally

Diversion Alternative Programs (DAP): is a derivative measure and action of the Moral Leadership in Justice Initiative that helps first-time misdemeanor felony offenders that find themselves involved in the legal justice system, to avoid jail time or incarceration by completing a specially and specifically tailored program of behavior and character modification that is approved by a judge before or during a sentencing.

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